About Raelee

I live in the PNW with my two best friends: my dog and my girlfriend. My favorite hot beverages are the 3 C’s: coffee, chai, and cider. My favorite TV shows are the 3 G’s: Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, and Greek. My favorite movies are all the ones with frilly intelligent blondes (Clueless, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and Legally Blonde). My favorite books vary by season, ask if you are interested what I am reading currently.

I’m currently at university for a BS in Archaeology and a BA in Classical Studies. Really into this whole concept of open research – both in science and also in our experiences. We won’t know each other until we tell each other.

I write about life, anxiety, chronic illness, and bisexuality. I also sometimes post papers I wrote for class if I am particularly proud of them. Sometimes I write scathing OPED’s about fruit I don’t like. It’s really a mixed bag here.

I am a photographer, an artist, and a writer, so if you are interested in looking at my daily life follow my Instagram, and for photos and blog updates follow my Facebook page. I also have an Insta focused on books and school, so check that out too!

I tried keeping to a posting schedule and life got in the way, so check back when you can.



Patience takes Practice.
Practice takes Patience.