R+B: Our First Week On Our Own

    Bree and I have been living in our very own apartment now for a week. In that week we have  cut pizza with a pie server, because we don’t have knife or a pizza cutter. Bree has mastered the art of cooking pizza right on the oven rack, because we don’t have a baking sheet. Our only frying pan is the size of a small thank-you-note envelope, but I have learned how to get the perfect quesadilla. We have boiled countless pots of water for coffee and tea and oatmeal and mac and cheese. We used a metal frosting spatula to spread the embers of our celebratory fire, because we don’t have any tongs or fireplace tools. I managed to get in and out of Bed Bath and Beyond without spending more than $15 AND only left with items that we needed: a can opener, measuring cups, and two bowls. I found a box of chocolate cake mix on sale for $0.83 because the box was damaged, and discovered that the giant container of kinda-bad-for-you margarine was cheaper than the only-slightly-better-for-you brand half the size, and it should last us until next year. I have only caused two minor fires, and Bree saved us from both of them. We did lose the tip of one of our rubber spatulas in the process, but Bree cut the melted bits off and now it is a conveniently shaped square spatula – perfect for getting the last bits of pasta sauce from the jar. The jar was then saved for future food-storing needs.

    We start each morning together unless someone is leaving before 8, with coffee and dog snuggles, we end the day with a show and a cup of tea. SInce our trip to Australia a few weeks ago, I have learned how to make a proper cup of tea and I understand the importance of milk in black tea. I may disagree, but I know that it is necessary. I have learned to kinda make the bed (?), but I Have not managed to learn how to use our new toilet without the lid sliding from underneath me and almost falling in. Bree appreciates our new shower, which is now tall enough that she no longer has to crouch to wash her hair. Diamond loves getting to run around and explore a new location on her walks. She is no longer taunted by the bossy large birds that were frequent on Lake Bellevue. She was definitely traumatized the first couple days, but she seems to be warming up to the new layout. We have accidentally taught her that if she sits near the kitchen she will get a treat, so we are trying to now untrain her but that does seem impossible. Have you seen her little nose? It’s so cute!

     Our new housing community is very cute, and despite being in near a large tech campus, it feels like we are in the middle of the woods. The grass is the greenest green I have ever seen, dark damp moss on every tree, and the lake is much cleaner than our last (although I would still consider both to be a pond. Fountains are not in lakes, they are in ponds). There are millions of little mushrooms along the pathways and rock walls, as well as giant mushrooms that pop up through the ground overnight. here don’t seem to be any geese, but there are very fat ducks and many dogs that are residents here. Our neighbors are quiet, and so is the road, despite the bustling traffic and the fire station next door. The giant dark evergreens lining the roads and maples lining the path are hugged in fog, making every morning feel like I’m stuck in an autumnal movie, or at least an episode of Gilmore Girls. I feel very lucky and very safe to live here, and I am so grateful to our parents and friends who helped us move in and helped this happen.

Some photos:

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