An informal update 10/27

I told myself I had to write for at least 20 minutes before I was allowed to succumb to the lazy evening I have planned in my head. I finished my midterm today after weeks of using free time to study the material. After this I get the rest of the day off with no guilt!

In regards to my reading challenge, I finished my 50th book the other day, and while that’s only a fourth of what my ultimate goal was, I am feeling really good about it. I haven’t been watching as much television and I’ve limited the amount of time I spend falling into the empty never ending spiral of scrolling through various social media platforms. So I know that I am using my free time more wisely. I figure as long as I read 52 books this year, then I read a book a week which is way more than what I’ve been accomplishing these past 5 years. In general I feel really good! I am working full-time; I haven’t gotten drastically sick (despite still not having my flu shot… oops); I’ve been working really hard for my class; I’ve been trying to see friends when I have time. OH, I bought a pair of hiking boots and I had a little trail time yesterday. It was GORGEOUS.

I am considering doing some form of NaNoWriMo, just to push myself to write some more. It hasn’t been a huge priority but I do have a lightweight and very functional laptop now, so I am hoping that that increases my want to write. There’s something about typing away at a computer with keys that seem like they were made for you. Nothing quite like it. We’ll see. The writing group that I initiated hasn’t been quite what I was hoping it would be. We’re all so busy that it is rare when people actually post and share and participate. I started the group because I thought it would be beneficial to have others hold me accountable for my creative endeavors, but it’s hard to want to post to a group and hold others accountable if no one is holding me accountable. Does that make sense?

I hope everyone has had a good fall so far, I think I am in love with this one. It’s been so beautiful out and I feel like I have been productive, which always pleases that perfectionist in me. I hope we can put off the chill for a little longer this season. How about one more month? Maybe? Please?

It’s been 20 min. I’m gonna go stuff my face with jalapeno chips and do NOTHING for the rest of the evening.


yes, there was a taylor swift reference in there. I can’t even talk about that rn. talk to me about it after the album is out.

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