August 2017: Update!

Wow, it’s been awhile. Feels like ages since I have sat down a written for my blog, but don’t fret (for me), because I have been writing independently and that is exciting! I also have been reading, however I have only finished 1 book despite reading for about an hour everyday. And that is because I keep starting new books hoping it would catalyst my thirst for reading and I would end up finishing the other ones. But, alas, that has not seemed to work.

I’ve been working full time as a bookseller, which I kind of stumbled into and fell in love with. Let me be clear, being on my feet all day is not a great feeling. Especially since I don’t feel like I have built the lil’ muscles, I did have, back up. Working in a bookstore is a lot more physical labor than I had naively anticipated. Oops.

Luckily for me, I was destined to work in customer service AND most bookstore customers are weird book people like myself, so I only have racked up a couple horror stories. And while there are several miscommunications among management and a few contradicting rules, it is nothing like past employers and I find myself not stressed about having support, but rather not being efficient enough. And while any stress is unwelcome, I am pleased that any stress I have is from my debilitating perfectionism.

Recently I started a writers group! That’s cool. Initially I just wanted a way to push myself to share content I was making with SOMEONE, but now that we’re going into our 2nd week I have a million ideas for “assignments” and prompts, and collaborative projects. There are only 5 of us, but members are already reaching out to create collaborative projects mixing medias, or planning outings to go find inspiration. Combined with my work at the bookstore, it has become the exact environment I needed. Part of my day is spent surrounded by books and avid readers, and the rest of my day is a combination of creative podcasts, inspiring books, and my own little writing community.

Eventually, I would love for this group to become a habit. As of right now, it is a little bit of a chore, just getting things set-up and functioning. Remembering to post things because people are expecting my writing by a certain time, and frequent personal reminders that sharing unfinished work is OK, and kind of the point.

What are tools you use to keep focused on skills you want to improve? Do you have a community to reach out to when you feel like you’re in a slump? Next time you have a creative boost, take a second to build yourself a toolbox of websites or quotes or books or people that can help pull yourself out of the next slump!

I have a feeling that I won’t be blogging as much as I was when this all started. It just isnt a huge priority when I am working on personal creative projects. But you can always find me at Raelee Rowen, or on Instagram. Just give me a shout ❤


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