BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup)

BYOC is a party technique that my friends and I regularly use. I’ve been trying to reduce the impact I make on the environment, but I also like to host parties. Often parties lead to a ridiculous amount of trash, and that’s normally because hosts use disposable dishware to make clean-up easier. But that also means a lot of waste.

A big factor in this is the cups. Unless a host remembers to put out a sharpie next to the disposable cups, guests often end up using 2-3 cups. SO MUCH TRASH!?

SO we figured, if everyone could bring their own cup, it would knock down two birds with one stone! Plus, if you have cute novelty cups, and this way you get to show it off!

Everyone brings a cup of their choice (a mug, a tumblr, a wine glass, a flask, whatever!) and then rinses it off before heading home. This limits the dishes and clean up for the host, and everyone knows which cup is theirs!


Bonus! If you absolutely need to use disposable plates and dishware, see if you can find ones that are compostable! Amazon has quite the selection. And just a heads up, they can get a bit pricey. But it could be worth it in the long run. ❤

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