Living Greener: April Update

Phew I am so over this year already! I’m sure once it’s warm and summer again I’ll want the year to slow down, but as of RIGHT NOW I really would like to just start 2018 and see how that goes instead.

However, I can’t. So. I’ll just focus on the various challenges I’ve given myself.

I haven’t written about my family’s efforts to create a greener impact, mainly because it hasn’t been a priority. We have made a difference though! A few days after my last post about living greener, my mother brought home an organic’s trash bin and compostable bags. Ever since, all our food waste has stopped going into the trash! We also recently got reusable Keurig cups. I used one this morning, and I really hope that I just over filled it or something because it made a mess.

For three months, I will also be living out of a capsule wardrobe. The 333 challenge was developed by a minimalist and now it is a challenge used by people all over the world. The “official” rules are that you pick 33 items (including accessories and shoes, but not including pjs, undies, or athleticwear) and you can only wear those 33 items for 3 months. Everything else gets packed up and put in storage, or thrown out. I’ve made it a little easier on myself. I have 35 items and I didn’t count shoes or accessories. I DID, however, put over half of my shoes into storage. I also didn’t count my coats, because I only have 3 and I wear them all regularly… so I guess I have 38 items.

I am also participating in the Minimalism Game. I started on April 1st, and on each day that follows I get rid of that many items. For example, on the first day I got rid of a shoe rack. On the second day, I got rid of two bags of trash from my room. On day three, I found three bags of trash from around the house. Day four I got rid of four pieces of jewelry. And so on, and so on.

By doing these challenges I’m trying to teach myself to care a little less about “stuff” and to think more about what I spend my money on. When there is “stuff” that I want, I’m trying to think more about where it came from and whether I’ll use it long term. Things like books and shoes are things I’m going to take pride in and use for a long time. Things like hair clips or decorative knick knacks, I don’t care that much about so I try to not give in to the “Ohh its shiny!!” thoughts that I have. 

I get more of a kick buying used books than new books, because I know that I’m giving new life to an old item AND I can get more books for the same price. I took months before finally buying my newest pair of shoes, because I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a pair of shoes that weren’t EXACTLY what I pictured. I not only found the perfect pair, but they cost about half my budget. Being pickier and restricting my otherwise impulsive self means that I can lessen my monetary waste, and limit the amount of “stuff” that I’m living with.


What changes are you making in your life? Do you agree with the “less is more” minimalist lifestyle? Tell me about it!
Links for the challenges that I am doing are right here;

333 Wardrobe Capsule
Minimalism Game

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